Journey with us through the wonderfully chaotic city that celebrates vibrant cultures, rich history, lush greenery, and exotic spices coming from its oldest corners.

Notes of - Freshly-cut rose, geranium, fern, warm clove, lavender, black fig and mossy woods.


We have been inspired by various sensory cues through our travels across India. New Delhi is home to many cultures & ethnicities and captures a small part of this large and diverse country's spirit. The New Delhi candle is our homage to this beautiful city.

Weight 100g | Height 3.0 inches (7.6cm)
Weight 200g | Height 3.4 inches (8.6cm)
Product Details
Burn time up to 25/45 hours | Soy Wax | Wooden wick | Hand Poured
Formulated without: Phthalates, preservatives, additives or dyes.
Candle Care 

A wooden wick candle can be trimmed by removing the burnt wood either by hand or with nail clippers. Please refer to the base of your candle for further instructions.

The stunning image of Safdarjung Tomb, New Delhi has been captured by Vikrant Mehra.