To ensure an even burn each time the candle is lit, the first burn of the candle should be long enough for the entire top layer of to liquify.

Refrain from burning the candles longer than 3 hours at a time, and never burn a candle when there is less than ¼” of wax at the base.

For optimal burning, trim the wick each time before lighting to avoid smoking, overheating and polluting the candle.

The wooden wick candle should be trimmed enough to ensure the burnt wood is removed. This can either be done by removing the burnt wood by hand or with nail clippers.

The cotton wick candle should be trimmed ¼”.

Always ensure the surface on which the candle sits is protected.

Avoid blowing out the candle. Instead, use a glass container or a non-flammable object when putting out the candle.

Always ensure that the burning candle's surrounding environment consists of non-flammable items.